Fully customizable Payment Solutions and Cryptocurrency Wallets

Cryptocurrency Wallets

The WhizGrid Blockchain Wallet is your gateway to the blockchain ecosystem to bring secure crypto management to mobile and web wallet development.

It is a convenient and secure crypto-wallet for handling your crypto transactions with easy integration of different payment methods, seamless interface, as well as user-friendly operations, which are just some of the benefits we offer.

Our crypto wallet solution adheres to the purpose of decentralization, enabling the users to take complete control of their assets without any interaction with centralised entities such as banks or auditors.


Features of the WhizGrid Crypto Wallet


  • NFT Asset Integration
  • Custom Token Integration
  • Integration with existing application or wallets
  • Two Factor Authentication (Multi-Layer Security)
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • QR code Scanning
  • Push Notifications
  • Dynamic Rate Conversion Calculation
  • Transaction History Tracking
  • Easy Portfolio Management
  • Automatic Conversion Rates


Payment Gateway

Payments that utilize cryptocurrencies are becoming popular, and the number of merchants around the world that are opening up to digital currencies is constantly increasing. We offer bespoke turn-key solutions to allow businesses to start accepting crypto payments.

Our payment gateway has been designed to make day-to-day payments with fiat and cryptocurrency as easy as possible. It is a fully digital payment process solution. Users can pay in cryptocurrency and merchants can choose to either settle in fiat (USD) or in the same cryptocurrency as the customer (user). We can guarantee instant transaction confirmation (even on an international level), transparency and the highest level of security for your business such as safety from fraud and chargebacks.

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