"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people."
Steve Jobs

About WhizGrid

At WhizGrid we believe that advancements in blockchain, crypto markets and digital economy will radically transform the conventional wisdom and operational methods of the financial industry. We recognize the fact that blockchain technology will soon be prevalent in both the private and public sector in economies around the world.

WhizGrid is a blockchain development company based in Cyprus serving a variety of businesses globally. Our team of experts help clients to optimally use blockchain solutions in their business. We champion creative untried blockchain concepts and convert them into fully-formed, operational and innovative financial solutions.

Clients use our diverse and continuously upgraded fintech solutions to power up their ecommerce transactions including crypto and flat currencies for payments, high-end exchange platforms, web and mobile wallets and user-friendly and secure website payment systems.

Mr Ramy Copty Mr Philipp Zahrer

Ramy Copty

Ramy has over two decades of experience in the capital markets, witnessing the transition from floor trading to electronic trading. He has worked extensively in advisory services, brokerage, sales, stock trading, trader training, designing financial products, trading strategies, trading platforms, CRM tools, trader tools, signal services, digital assets, crypto payment solutions, as well as crafting crypto exchange platforms. As an entrepreneur who has founded and overseen several companies, his core aptitude lies in identifying key trends in the financial world at an early stage and finding solutions that best meet the business needs of financial service providers for the benefit of the end customer.

Philipp Zahrer

From an early age, Philipp has been fascinated by the power that financial markets wield on geopolitics. Over the last two decades he has gained an in-depth understanding of global wealth creation and the pitfalls that can hamper its growth. Through his grasp of the links between established financial institutions and their regulators, he has become a reliable navigator of the rules and regulations that impact his business. As a shrewd sailor, he knows when the winds are in his favour and when it is time to pull into a safe harbour. His risk awareness expertise speaks to not only his personal business success, but also in winning the trust of his customers.