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About Us

“the species that survives is the one that is able to adapt to and to adjust best to the changing environment in which it finds itself…”
Charles Darwin

At WhizGrid we believe that advancements in blockchain, crypto markets and digital economy will radically change the conventional wisdom and operational methods of the financial industry. We provide what your business needs to make this transition and succeed.

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Our values


We strive to attract and retain the best people. We aim to bring out the best in each individual in order for them to reach their full potential.


We conduct ourselves with the highest level of ethics both personally and professionally, without compromising honesty, creativity and openness at work.


We are result oriented, setting high performance standards for ourselves as individuals and as a team. We have an adamant determination to make things happen and be the best at what we do.




Fascinated by the power financial markets exert on geopolitical events, Philipp was
drawn into the world of finance at a very early age. Over the last two decades he has
amassed an in-depth understanding of todays’s global wealth, its origin, distribution
and the massive expense of debt at which it comes. Through his awareness of the
ties between established financial institutions and their regulators he has become a
seasoned navigator of rules and regulations that impact his business and as a careful
sailor he knows when the winds are in his favor and when it is time to pull into a safe
harbor. This has proven invaluable to his personal and professional financial
decisions, as well to many of our customers’.

Philipp Leopold Zahrer

Managing Director

Ramy has over two decades of experience in the capital markets, and has witnessed
the transition from floor trading to electronic trading. He has professionally engaged
in advisory services, brokerage, sales, trading, trader training, designing financial
products, trading strategies, trading platforms, CRM tools, trader tools, signal
services, digital assets, crypto payment solutions, as well as crypto exchange
platforms. As an entrepreneur who has founded and directed several companies, his
core strength lies in recognizing trends in the financial world at an early stage and is
driven by finding solutions that best meet the business needs of financial service
providers for the benefit of the end customer.

Ramy Copty

Managing Director


Core IT Team

Hamazasp (Hamik) sees the world through the lens of a mathematician; in
combination with his outstanding programming skills he is capable of delivering
solutions to highly complex tasks at incredible speed and accuracy. His mind never
ceases to work, and seems to also work while he sleeps, due to the fact that in the
mornings he has the answers to the most difficult programming tasks that seemed
insolvable on the previous day. Yet it is the amount of data and information he can
mentally absorb and process that is his true gift. This often provides a new
perspective for solving programming problems better than conventional
perspectives provide. – he never ceases to amaze us.

Hamazasp Avetsiyan

Specialist of Trading dev.

As the cornerstone of the programming team, Levon combines acute intelligence,
and efficiency in all he does. He knows at all times where things stand, what has to
be done next, and how to best coordinate all tasks. Additionally, his secret to his
coolness comes from his unwavering calmness, which he is capable of keeping at all
times; it is a powerful force, that allows the entire team keep a cool head, even
in the most stressful of moments, so as to keep course or take the right measures
without the slightest panic or emotional stress. His words are sparse but always
carefully measured and to the point. – Levon is a natural leader.

Levon Arkelatyan


Hayk’s highly analytical mind, allows him to recognize all possible programming
challenges three steps before they may occur, much like a chess master. This why as
the master mind behind the system architecture of our tools in our portfolio, and
any we build, they excel at not only being robust and efficient, but also serve as a
solid foundation for future additions of features and functionalities that may be
needed later down the line. His foresight in this is a valuable component of our

Hayk Hayotsyan

Specialist of PoS dev.







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